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Hey YOU, I’m glad you’re finally here 😊

You landed on this site because you want to work location independent, because you want to be free and work in the places YOU choose!

After the pandemic, the last digitalization opponents have woken up and the whole world needs goodtexts for websites, online stores, magazines, affiliate sites and blogs. Copywriters and copywriters are in demand now like never before! But texts on the Internet should not only inspire people but also please Google!

In just 2 to 3 hours, my 1:1 SEO copywriting workshop will teach you the SEO basics and what really matters in SEO content. You’ll learn keyword research, the best tools and all the secret tricks for the best SEO content creation.

As the operational business manager of an online marketing agency, I reveal how you can get the best copywriting jobs 😉

The workshop is tailored to you and your needs. Are you ready to start your new life?


Who am I to tell you how to write the best SEO copy?

Hi, I am Olesya! In 2012, after finishing my studies, I applied for an internship at a small online marketing agency in Witten to see what this online marketing was all about. The internship was supposed to last 3 months, I stayed for 10 right away. Well, what can I say: marketing turned out to be cool, just my thing. So why keep looking?

  • +10years SEO experience
  • Since 2015 COO of B2 Performance SL and Roland Digital & Technology SL in Barcelona.
  • Founder of SEO Helper
  • I have already provided work for over 200 freelancers
  • Served over 300 clients in SEO and online marketing over the last 10 years
  • Conducted over 100 SEO workshops with clients, employees and freelancers
  • Run as a hobby a blog about emigrating to Spain gute-esser.de
Virtuelle Assitentin nebenberuflich werden

Not only will I teach you how to create copy that Google and your clients will love, but I’ll also teach you how to get good jobs within a few days and recoup the money you spent on the workshop.

I myself emigrated to Spain in 2015 and changed my life completely. I know how to make money online, apply to agencies and work location independent. I would like to share this knowledge with you!


This 1:1 SEO copywriting workshop includes tons of SEO knowledge!

I design the workshop precisely according to your preferences. Before the workshop begins, I will send you a detailed questionnaire to help identify your individual focus areas and needs. Based on your responses, I develop a tailored program that is aligned with your interests and goals. During the workshop, I ensure a comfortable learning atmosphere where you feel at ease and your questions and concerns are addressed optimally. After the workshop, I continue to provide feedback and support to help you successfully implement what you have learned in practice.

The procedure

How does the 1:1 workshop work?

Contact me now without obligation and quickly acquire new knowledge that will soon change your life!

01 Interest

You chose to do the SEO copywriting workshop with me!

02 Request

You send me a non-binding request and receive a questionnaire from me.

03 Questionnaire

You fill out the questionnaire so that I can tailor the 1:1 workshop to best suit you. We find a common date

04 Appointment confirmation

I will send you the invitation and the link for the workshop to your email.

05 Payment

I will send you the invoice, which you pay before the workshop.

06 The workshop

On the day in question, we meet online. I am looking forward to seeing you!

Do you have any questions? Just write to me!

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."


This is what my SEO copywriting training will bring you:




You now work only online and decide yourself when and from where!

With my SEO knowledge you can charge more for your SEO texts.

You invest ONLY 2 hours, not months like most SEO training!

Invest now only 2 or 3 hours, meet with me and start your new free life!









Workshops to choose from

Choose the best option for you

You have 2 workshop options to choose from. With both, you’ll learn SEO basics, copywriting, the best tools, and much more. Both will tell you how to get the best copywriting jobs (if that’s what you want). In the Ultra Plus Workshop we take more time and go into more detail about everything that interests you. I will also review your first SEO text and give you feedback on it!

2 hours SEO copywriting workshop

  • SEO Basics
  • Text creation & Copywriting
  • Topics tailored to you
  • SEO Tools List
  • I answer your questions
  • 15 sources for instant job finding!
  • Presentation as PDF

3 hours SEO Workshop Ultra Plus

  • SEO Basics
  • Text creation & Copywriting
  • Topics tailored to you
  • Detailed response to your questions
  • Joint tools check
  • 15 sources for instant job finding!
  • Presentation as PDF
  • Homework and subsequent exam with feedback via email.

You are not looking for an SEO workshop?

You don’t have to! Just hand all the work over to the professionals! Contact me now without obligation and tell me your concerns. My team and I will be happy to take care of it! Whether website relaunch, backlink building or SEO content creation in all possible languages  – our service portfolio is large! Here you can find all our services:


Whether you want to relaunch a website, need good backlinks or want to internationalize your business – our team will support you with all kinds of SEO questions and problems. Just write to me!