Manuel Rodriguez

About me

My name is Manuel Riveiro Rodriguez. I was born and raised in Germany in the city of Gütersloh, but my parents are native Spaniards and originally from Galicia in the northwest of Spain. So I’m always "The Spaniard" in Germany and "much too German" in Spain 😊

Professional experience

Online marketing strategy
81 %
Technical SEO
87 %
SEO Consulting & Workshops
76 %

What is important to me

I am the managing director of the online marketing agency "Roland Digital & Technology". In a small company, even as a manager, you lend a hand with many projects and problems. I know all my customers personally and have a personal contact with all of them. It is important to me that customers are satisfied, that they can see the results of our work and are happy about it. Besides all the tasks as a manager, I like to deal with the technical problems of the websites, web development, web analysis, online marketing strategies – these are my main focuses.

My goal is your success

What I love most about my job is that you get to know a lot of people and companies. I like to feel that sometimes you are the missing piece of the puzzle to a company’s success, it just feels great. When the big success comes and companies no longer see us "only" as a service provider, but as a part of their company, when they trust you blindly, follow the recommendations and are grateful and happy for it, that is the true main goal. Need a second opinion on your website or want to expand your business online to new markets internationally? Write me a message without obligation. My team and I will do everything to ensure that you are satisfied in the end.

Request without obligation

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